We all love a good game night!

After playing with your family members for a while, it could be time to start playing with other people. Thanks to modern technology, we can now connect with our friends regardless of their location.

A virtual game night is one way we can interact with people we love to hang out with but can’t meet as often as we would like.

Here’s how to plan an epic virtual game night!

Set the time and date

Setting up the time and date is an easy task. You will need to determine what type of game night you wish to host. If you want to invite your besties, consider what they like when suggesting the game to play virtually.

Choose a way of getting connected for virtual game night

There are numerous ways of getting connected nowadays. If you are interested in playing the game on your tablet, computer or phone, think of one of the following options.


Houseparty lets many players share their screens while having conversations with each other. The ideal number of players is four. This way, the divisions on the screen aren’t too small for everyone to see and participate.

Google Hangouts

This application makes it possible for up to 10 people to connect with each other on the web, iOS, and Android. If you have Gmail, it is straightforward to start video chats with your friends in your contacts. By using the right sidebar to start video chats.


With Zoom, users can link with other people and share their screens with them. The free version lets you interact for only 40 minutes. If you want more time, consider getting on the monthly subscription plan.

Send out a text to all of your friends and see if they have used any of these to make it easier to start your epic game night.

I would recommend Houseparty for a great game night with your besties. It is excellent for gameplay interaction.

Picking the game

Classic games such as Pictionary and Charades are easy to play. They are perfect for all ages.

All you need to do to play such games is connect with your besties via Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or Zoom and enjoy your game night!

If your friends or family members love the idea of classic card games, suggest Checkers or Go Fish, both are playable online. After choosing an ideal digital room to host your game night, share the link with your friends so that they can join the fun.


This game by Slampunks is a creative way for all ages to have fun while interacting with each other.  Muddledash is a four-player game that involves racing octopuses. Winners get a gift at the end of every race! It is currently available through Steam or a Nintendo Switch. Video chats get exciting when one of your besties steals the gift and then beats you to the party.


Quiplash enables 3 to 8 fun-loving players to interact with each other through their phones or tablets. They also get to participate in all the fun!

The tablet or phone will be the controller for the game. Every player chooses an answer for an easy question, and then all the group members compare their answers through a vote.

A kid-friendly style of Quiplash also exists. If adults feel that they want to play something that fits their ages, an adult version is available.